Preparing for the Great Unpersoning

When so-called ‘normies’ (aka normal people) find out what I believe to be happening to our country, and what I am doing to prepare for it, I reliably hear accusations of being hyperbolic, paranoid, brainwashed, a conspiracy theorist, or even Qanon. I’d like to explain to people who have not yet seen behind the curtain what I am talking about and provide evidence and reasoning for my (what appear to be, when not fully understood) extreme views. First of all, I’d like to begin by acknowledging that if I heard someone discuss what I’m about to discuss a few short years ago I would have accused them of the same. So, I really, really, get your skepticism, contempt, and even disgust on an experiential level. Like I explained in my previous post, I was ‘one of you’. I hope that knowing that will persuade you to listen to what I have to say with an open mind.

When I was growing up, my father taught me that we are all Americans; we disagree about how to achieve our goals and solve our problems, but we share the same American principles, goals, vision, values, and destiny, we just disagree about how to get there. He taught me that it’s rude to ask people who they voted for, people’s political views are none of your business. We are all Americans first. This view is so antiquated it now seems naive, nostalgic, and charming.

Last night in Biden’s State of the Union address, he said, “We won’t ignore what our intelligence agencies have determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to our homeland today: White supremacy is terrorism.” You might say, “what’s wrong with that? White supremacy is obviously bad!”, to which I would wholeheartedly agree. Of course, there are actual white supremacists in our society, and we should condemn them unequivocally.

The problem comes in when you realize the meaning of the term ‘white supremacy’ has been cynically redefined so that it can applied to anything or anyone who is not on board with the Critical Race Theorists, including liberals. This is not an accident, it is an intentional part of the Critical Race Theorists plan to take over our society. For example, if you go down the list of how the Smithsonian Museum has redefined ‘whiteness’, you have to include the following: rugged individualism, the nuclear family, and emphasis on the scientific method. (image from the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture below)

Redefining ‘white supremacy’ like this allows Critical Race Theorists or so-called ‘anti-racists’ to cast anyone who believes in the American values of self-reliance, the nuclear family, objective, rational linear thinking, or the idea that you are in control of your own destiny into ‘white supremacists’. This is not your grandmother’s white supremacy.

The cynical redefinition of words is a fundamental part of their dystopian plan to seize power, and it’s working. If you haven’t read Orwell recently, I suggest you do so if you want to understand our current historical moment. Redefining words is an essential strategy totalitarian regimes use to gain power and control, and it’s running rampant. Any deviation from or questioning the ideology of critical theory (sometimes called intersectionality, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion or DEI) gets you labeled as one of these redefined words (racist, sexist, islamophobe, white supremacist, transphobe, TERF, fascist, etc.), effectively shutting opposing viewpoints out of the conversation.

This is a premeditated strategy to prevent free and open inquiry and debate, the very backbone of a liberal, free society. Critical theory is illiberal to it’s very core. It is a regressive, totalitarian ideology. Liberalism cannot survive without free speech, open debate, and free scientific inquiry. This is why you may have heard people say, “I didn’t leave the left, the left left me.” The left is no longer liberal. Thinking liberals such as Bill Maher, Michael Shermer, and Sam Harris have begun to grasp this fact, but their hatred for and misunderstanding of the ‘other side’ has prevented them from taking the next step: connecting the dots in order to see the big picture.

Take for example, Robert Reich’s tweet yesterday, which has since been deleted: “FDR didn’t have to contend with a paranoid, xenophobic, racist opposition drenched in lies and extremist propaganda from right-wing media.” If you read or watch mainstream media, you must have noticed, the powers that be are hellbent on painting half of the country as racist domestic terrorists. This is an extremely dangerous and irresponsible move. But why are they doing this?

They are preparing to unperson us. In fact, the great unpersoning has already begun. Thousands of people have been banned from Twitter and Facebook, Parler was shut down, ‘controversial’ books have been digitally banned, people who have committed no crime have been put on no-fly lists and blacklisted from banking institutions. The first people to be unpersoned will, by intention, be people you violently despise, such as Alex Jones, Donald Trump, and Nick Fuentes. But rest assured, they will eventually come for you. First, they came for the conservatives, and you did not speak out because you are not a conservative. Next, they will come for the liberals, but there will be no conservatives left to speak for you. The ideologues will come for anyone who does not succumb to their compelled speech, anyone who refuses to repeat their lies.

How far will this go? I don’t know. Right now we are already past the point of political persecution and dehumanization of the ‘other’, which is the first step to becoming a one-party totalitarian state. The second step is well underway. People who were simply present at the January 6th protest, who were not involved in any criminal activity, but were peacefully protesting, have been identified and cancelled. You may be thinking, “good, anyone who was there deserves to be cancelled!”. But wait, like I said, this is only the beginning. First, they will come for people you hate, by design.

Will this proceed to gulags for the unpersoned? I think it’s possible. In their view, communism cannot emerge until all it’s enemies are silenced. James Lindsay said in the podcast linked above, New Discourses: Communism Doesn’t Know How, “The fundamental belief driving communists is that once enough people become true believers that the communist utopia lies on the other side of certain social changes, a perfect society will manifest.” This is why communism inevitably leads to mass death, anyone who does not share the vision of utopia is seen as a blockade preventing the utopia from arriving, so therefore must be exterminated.

Jack Murphy summed up the situation well on the Timcast IRL podcast last night, “Social exile, social shame, fear of becoming the worst thing possible, a member of the out-group…You’ve gotta give it to them, they won, all the media, all the institutions, all the narrative, big tech, corporations, the government, your thought processes, your value system, they won, they totally won. It will now take people willing to be part of the out-group in order to fight back against this, and that willingness to to be part of the out-group involves being financially in the out-group, economically in the out-group, politically in the out-group, socially in the out-group, you have to be willing to be a pariah and an independent operator in order to withstand what’s happening and just to survive and maintain your sense of self and your sense of identity. But to fight back, you need to be able to amass resources, you need to be able to amass teammates in a way that’s still outside the system.” -Jack Murphy Timcast IRL 2/28/21: 34:20-36:45

This is why I’m preparing my life now to withstand being in the out-group. This is why anyone not on board with the communist utopia should flee to a red state before it’s too late. Liberals, moderates, libertarians, and conservatives alike, anyone who will not repeat their lies, we will all be unpersoned. Make yourself uncancellable, start your own business, learn how to grow your own food, tell the truth, become self-sufficient, buy land, join with like-minded people, form a resistance. If we are to survive this impending catastrophe we need to wake up now and unite.


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The events of the last year, starting with the riots of summer 2020 and the dishonest media coverage of them, caused me to undergo a major paradigm shift. I am one of the millions of people who walked away from the Democrat party after awakening to the lies of the mainstream media. I have now become a culture warrior, fighting for reason and sanity and against the very ideas I used to hold. This gives me an inside window into the agenda of the radical leftists as well as a unique perspective as to how to challenge that agenda.

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