About Me

Jenny Anzaldua, owner of Founding Fathers History offering anti-woke homeschool courses.
Teaching Experience

My name is Jenny Sangrey. I have been a public school history teacher for the last 5 years. In 2016, I did my student teaching at Chicago High School for the Arts, teaching honors and regular World History to Sophomores.

From 2016-2018, I taught 7th Grade American History at Aspira Haugan Middle School in Chicago. I recently finished up my third and final year as a teacher at Dunlap Middle School in central Illinois, where I have taught 6th Grade Ancient Civilizations, 7th Grade American History, SEL (Social Emotional Learning), Computers, and STEM. I have been working with children in schools since 2008.

My Story

Up until about 2017, I was not just a leftist, but a full-blown socialist, intersectional feminist, atheist, and ‘anti-racist’. I was as woke as they get, and not just the average know-nothing SJW who doesn’t have a clue where their ideologies come from, but one who actually closely studied the critical theorists who invented these ideologies. If someone had told me that in a few short years I’d become a conservative, revert back to Catholicism, and become a culture warrior promoting traditional values, I would never, ever have believed them.

Blue-pilled me at the Women's March, Chicago 2016

I am one of the multitude of parents who has recently been red-pilled.

The scales fell from my eyes the summer of 2020 and I subsequently walked away from the Democrat party, atheism, and leftism to return to my Catholic roots, embracing traditional values.

(Above pic: Blue-pilled me at the Women’s March in Chicago, 2016)

I was radicalized in college. I went to a private liberal arts college and majored in Sociology, the mother of all radical academic majors. As a Sociology major, I was steeped in Critical Theory. I read Herbert Marcuse, Antonio Gramsci, Karl Marx, Angela Davis, Jacques Derrida, et al. Later, in my master’s of education program, I based my educational philosophy around the godfather of critical pedagogy, Paulo Freire.

Around 2017, I slowly began deradicalizing myself. I began reading and listening to points of view that challenged my own, such as Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Douglas Murray, and Coleman Hughes. As wokeness became more and more mainstream, I began to see the negative results of the academic critical theories I subscribed to, as they were now playing out in the real world, to devastating effect. The riots of 2020 and the subsequent media coverage were the catalyst that forced me to question my entire worldview. At that point I started digging into media stories on my own, looking for the truth of what was actually happening and trying to make sense of it.

What I uncovered over the next several months was this: the media didn’t report the ‘news’ at all, it had become nothing but a full-on propaganda machine. Everything I thought I knew before was false, and not just false, but dangerously so. This realization caused a monumental paradigm shift, shattering any political and atheistic allegiances I had, and forced me to rethink my entire life and reimagine my future.

I am incredibly grateful to have found inspirational, brilliant thinkers who enabled me to break from leftism which, in turn, set me on a path back to God, most importantly, Jordan Peterson. I now fight against the very ideologies I once embraced, and I believe I am especially well-equipped to do so because I studied them deeply and understand their roots.

  • Illinois Initial Secondary Certificate in Social Sciences (Type 9) Middle Grade Endorsement in Social Science Sociology and Anthropology Endorsement History Endorsement 
  • National Louis University; Chicago, IL May 2016 Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary Education 3.90 GPA
  • Bradley University; Peoria, IL December 2007 Bachelor of Science, Sociology Major, Philosophy Minor 3.62 GPA, Graduated Magna Cum Laude
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