What Is ‘Equity’ in Education and How Does it Harm Our Kids?

Radical leftist perspectives have taken over almost every institution in America. Under the umbrella of wokeness lie divisive ideologies such as critical race theory, neo-Marxism, intersectional feminism, gender theory, queer theory, and postmodernism. Wokeness, which is euphemistically called Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion or DEI in the education and corporate worlds, is the newest manifestation of communism; it’s communism reborn. In this current historical moment we are experiencing an ethno-communist cultural revolution that embodies the very antithesis of the American spirit and of Judeo-Christian values. This new form of woke communism teaches shame for country and the utter demonization of Western Civilization; it desires nothing less than the complete deconstruction of our society and the abolition of America as we know it.

The most terrifying part is, most people who subscribe to the ideology of wokeness don’t realize what they are signing up for, don’t know the history of how their ideology came to be, and would not recognize the names of the academics who concocted the theories to which they are subscribing, such as Antonio Gramsci and Herbert Marcuse.

Educational ‘Equity’

The ideology of wokeness uses the term ‘equity’ when describing its social goals. It combines postmodernist critical theory with Neo-Marxism, instead of traditional Marxist class-based communism (which divides people by class), this ethno-communism divides people by gender and racial identities. ‘Equity’ means forced equal outcomes, in whatever field it rears its ugly head.

Educational equity picture

In the field of education, ‘equity’ in practice means cutting gifted programs and accelerated courses, doing away with merit-based admissions and elite programs, eliminating grades and standardized tests, and removing rigor from education; doing this allows them to hide the evidence of unequal academic outcomes, or the ‘achievement gap’. The only way to achieve ‘equity’ in any field is to cut high achievers off at the knees. Since we haven’t been able to figure out how to lift up people at the bottom of the achievement gap, the only way to achieve ‘equity’, or equal outcomes is to cut people at the top down.

This ascendant ideology has replaced traditional American values in the field of education as a whole and is decimating public schools. So-called ‘anti-racist education’, sometimes operating under the name of ‘educational equity’, or ‘critical pedagogy’ is the ideology being taught in colleges of education. It is being pushed by teachers unions, education journals, websites, and magazines, and all the big-hitting educational corporations, from Houghton-Mifflin to Pearson.

‘Educational equity’ and ‘anti-racist education’ do the exact opposite of that which they claim to do. Instead of helping children from historically oppressed groups succeed, it actively harms them, robbing them of success by teaching them ideas that, if internalized, make it impossible for them to reach their full potential. It teaches them they are powerless victims who have no control over their own destiny, which in turn creates a tragic self-fulfilling prophecy in their lives.

On the flip side of the coin, ‘anti-racist education’ psychologically abuses children from historically ‘privileged’ groups by shaming and blaming them for their immutable characteristics, the skin color or biological sex they were born into through no fault of their own, placing undue ancestral blame on them for the ‘sins of the father’.

Woke ideology deconstructs biological reality by teaching kids the anti-scientific, postmodern garbage of gender theory, that they can choose from any of the so-called ’72 genders’, make up their own, or be ‘gender-fluid’, changing genders on a whim. 

It bubble wraps our children in safteyism, shielding them from gaining resilience through courage and hard work. It deconstructs the idea of rugged American individualism in favor of the socialist collective. It teaches dependence on the government and discourages reliance on the self. It abandons Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s dream of judging people based on the content of their character in favor of racial discrimination and re-segregation. This is why we must protect our children from this ideology and return to the ideals of our founding: God-given natural rights, individual freedom, equality of opportunity, self-reliance, hard work, and proud patriotism.


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